Make furniture look like new

Image of new furniture

Can you imagine that cleaning the furniture is one of the easiest housework you can face?

If you have invested in expensive furniture or just bought something valuable at a low price, you will definitely want to preserve its beauty, splendor and good condition.

Good care and frequent cleaning are an important part of keeping furniture over the years.

It is also good to read the instructions that go to your furniture. Many people find it superfluous to read them, but in many cases you will know exactly what to do and how to treat the furniture. Still, the manufacturers have not done their hard work to educate you.

In order to store your furniture over the years, it is very important that they are not Image of wooden furnitureexposed to direct sunlight and that they are further away from heat-emitting devices. This will prevent them from lightening, drying the wood and skin, and rotting the upholstery. Perhaps you have noticed a spot on the back of your beloved chair or desk? At this point, we can not blame anyone for that. To avoid it, we’ll give you some tips on how to clean your furniture and keep it as new, regardless of the weather.

Painted furniture

Daily care

Painted furniture is easiest to keep clean. It is enough to wipe them with a cloth moistened with water once a week to remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated on them. If you leave wet stains, go with a dry cloth, because if the water gets stuck in the form of a stain it can leave lasting damage – swelling the paint or injuring the paint.

Special cleaning

If your painted furniture has visible stains on your surfaces or scratches, after cleaning them, fix it. Often the application of water and preparations to an “open wound” can aggravate the situation. Make sure that cleaning will not hurt the furniture. Rebuild any piece of furniture that has scratches or a whole stain, after painting, apply a varnish to return to its original look. Use detergents that prevent dust from sticking.

Wooden furniture

Daily care

Image of wooden tableBefore you decide how to clean your wooden furniture, you have to determine what type of cover (s) it has on them. You can find information on cleaners and conditioners for wooden furniture to get better prepared. Look for tips and advice on how to handle hardwood furniture from the Internet – forums are a good resource for people to share experiences – try it out.

Use a towel for polishing furniture on a regular basis. Use a little polish for furniture by applying it on a cloth and rub the surface to get a mirror glow. When choosing furniture preparations, use the same type for each room or oil or wax base to avoid stains as a result. Wipe in the direction of the wood particles when possible. If you love antiques and have them at home, you will have to get to know their special needs. In such case we advise you to use the services of professional cleaning company. Perhaps you are wondering how much does end of tenancy cleaning cost or how much does upholstery service cost. I will tell you for sure it will be less than ruin your expensive antiques.

Special cleaning

When it is time to remove a stale wax, it is advisable to use mineral spirit or synthetic turpentine with a soft lint-free cloth. Clean the entire stain with the liquid, not just the area that is contaminated.

If you are interested about antique furniture styles you can watch this video: